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Happy Children

Comprehensive Support for Caregivers

Supporting kids with mental health challenges and other neurodivergence is tough. Get the support you need and deserve.

You are not alone


I provide coaching for parents & other caregivers, special education advocacy, and other forms of support for families in Colorado and beyond. I specialize in supporting families of kids who have experienced trauma and/or are neurodivergent (ADHD, autism, AuDHD, PDA, etc).


Free Consultation for Caregivers

Let's get to know each other. Schedule a free 30min consultation to talk about your concerns, share your goals, and see if I'm the right fit for your needs.

Free Exploratory Call for Educators

Like you, I want to give every child the opportunity to thrive. Schedule a free exploratory call to discuss the needs of your district, school, or classroom, and get to know me and my approach.



Kim Cortes

I believe kids thrive when they feel safe, their needs are centered, and they are fully seen for who they are. This can feel completely overwhelming for caregivers and educators when kids are neurodivergent or struggling with their mental health. I want to help guide you through the overwhelm.


As a coach, trainer, and advocate, I bring together my specialized training in IEP advocacy, my professional experience working within disability systems, and my experience as a mom to neurodivergent kids with mental health challenges. I am passionate about getting kids like mine the support and resources they need to thrive. 


Recommended by Parents & Professionals

Dana S.

"Kim was a tremendous help during our evaluation and initial IEP process...Without her, we would not have had such a seamless, successful process." read more

Eva G.

"Kim's guidance, support, and practical solutions have been invaluable to me...I leave our conversations feeling empowered and more

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