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I believe in price transparency. You should know up front, before our first call, what you can expect to pay if we work together. I prefer to work in packages so that you know what you're paying up front, and you aren't worried about what you're being charged for.

Standard Rates

Special Education Advocacy

A / IEP Meeting Package ($875)

This package includes review of all relevant documents (e.g. evaluation report, current IEP, etc.), a one-hour prep meeting with you and anyone else you'd like to include, attendance at one IEP meeting, and a 30min follow-up to address any questions or next steps.

B / Consultation & Add-On Services ($175/hr)

Stand-alone consultations, as well as any add-ons to the IEP Meeting Package (e.g. attendance at additional meetings) are billed at my standard hourly rate. I always communicate to clients in advance if something they request is outside the standard package and would be billed as an add-on service.

C / School Year Package ($1,750)

This package includes everything in the IEP meeting package. In addition, you have access to me for the duration of the school year to review documents, attend meetings, consult with you, and answer whatever questions may come up.

Caregiver Coaching & Wraparound Support

For hourly-based coaching & support services, my standard rate is $175 per hour. This includes standalone consultations (beyond the free session).

Book a Free Consultation

Schedule a free 30min consultation to talk about your concerns, share your goals, and see if I'm the right fit for your needs.

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